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‘Exceptional’ describes our experience with Emily Austin and Eric Martin. 

As our buying agents, Emily and Eric guided us through the nightmare that is Seattle’s competitive real estate market. First and foremost, they listened. Then, they dug, made themselves available, analyzed, assisted, supported, suggested, fine-tuned, and nuanced. They found us our home and successfully negotiated on our behalf, straight through the closing. 

As important, and beyond the myriad of technical skills they possess, they cared about us. By definition, the act of caring is defined as the provision of doing what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone. 

We were so very fortunate, and quite thankful, to be in their safekeeping. Kassie and Jack H (Buyers)



"After working with Emily and Eric, I came to realize just how many different parts of the home-buying process that most of us never consider. Yes, the finding-the-house part was remarkably swift, and we found a great home, but it's everything before and after the find—assessing my desires and my comfort zone, sharing industry secrets as needed, walking me through the possible hazards up until closing, remaining in constant contact during the nail-biting moments, and even checking in several times *after* the deal was done—that made this experience truly joyful. I consider myself truly fortunate to have met and worked with them, and I give them my highest recommendation.” Mark Y (Buyer)

" guys are amazing! Attentive, thorough, responsive, patient, dedicated" Dena L (Buyer)

"You guys rock but we would really like more Frankie" Mark & Wendy W (Buyers)

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