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I am writing and sharing this recommendation, because of the phenomenally good experience I had with the team of realtors who sold my mom’s penthouse condo on Alki in Seattle. I receive nothing for writing this. I simply know the difference the right realtors make, and I would wish for everyone to have the terrific experience we did with Austin & Martin. Refining the best qualities of Austin & Martin down to their marrow, I’ll share three. One: impeccable integrity. You never have a moment’s worry about anything — your home, your possessions, your money, your best interests. Two: hardworking. There is no slacking, no forgetting, no reluctance. Austin & Martin cheerfully jump in and do whatever has to be done: water plants, empty freezer, forward mail, change light bulb, keep your listing perfect. Three: knowledgeable. They can answer any question you have. On the rare occasion they don’t know the answer, they know exactly where to get accurate, current information, and they get back to you speedily. I could easily write pages and pages describing the invaluable qualities of Austin & Martin. Their phenomenal people skills will make your day, every time. Contact them. You will be so pleased you did. Julianne B (Seller)

What can I say? Selling a home during this Covid crisis, Emily made the crisis a non-existent talking point. We loved the care and attention they took to nuance the home before each showing. Emily was thoughtful in her concern for our neighbors (we sold a condo) and was available for any questions or concerns regarding the foot traffic coming through. The time taken on special details, from wall talkers, to flowers, to timing the critical drone shot. All of this done with grace and professionalism. Highly recommend the Austin Martin Team! Missy & Kennard N (Sellers)

Emily and her partner Eric were the absolute calm in the storm. We were about to put our townhouse up on the market right when lockdown began. They monitored the situation carefully and were extremely efficient in giving us updates and information on the new safety protocols. They helped advise us on when to put it on the market, and when we did, we received an offer within 9 days. Emily and Eric are extremely thorough and thoughtful and will go the extra mile. I enjoyed their video updates, as well as the personalized videos from Metropolist for our buyer that showed us the timeline to closing. We are extremely happy with the services and expertise they provided! Katie & Rod R (Sellers)

Finding a new home for a job change in the middle of a pandemic is a very stressful experience. Emily was so kind, responsive, and really helped us refine our priorities for a home so that we didn't have to look at dozens and dozens. The home we found was sell by owner so she had to do a lot of extra work to keep things moving smoothly - she was gracious and a great communicator that made us and our sellers feel at ease. She truly cares about the quality of the home and the experience. We love her! Leslie C (Buyer)

Buying a house in West Seattle could not have been a better experience than it it was Emily and Eric. The attention they gave us, how quickly they responded, their knowledge of the area and the market, and their anticipation of what to do next were truly exceptional. We certainly weren't their only clients, but it felt like it. They began helping us several months before we were ready to buy, but their responsive was immediate, even though they knew it would be a while before we could do anything. And we were in California at the time. That didn't matter. Their communication was as if they were waiting outside our door to answer any and all questions. In the frenzied seller's market of early 2020, with coronavirus restrictions beginning to pinch and just about to freeze the market temporarily, you had to be quick. On the Friday when we decided to put in an offer (just the day after we saw our house), Emily took the initiative to get an inspector to the house within a couple of hours that same day, beating the weekend and further restrictions. They had our offer ready next morning, and we got the house. Since then, Emily and Eric have checked in with us to see how we're doing and how things are going. We not only had wonderful real estate agents, we now also have friends. Bob & Kris A (Buyers)

Emily Austin and Eric Martin were a Dynamo Duo as my realtors this spring. This was my third time needing a realtor in the last twenty-five years, and they were by far the best realtors for me. This Austin Martin team was recommended by my daughter, with whom I just bought a house. During our 4.5 month process, Emily and Eric’s enthusiasm for the job never waivered. They readily shared with us their knowledge of the Seattle market, and helped us maneuver through property after property. My trust in them grew as the weeks went on. Even though the move-in started months ago, we’ve kept in touch because they are just wonderful people as well as our former realtors. I whole-heartedly recommend the Austin Martin team to any buyer looking for knowledgeable, personal service. Mary and Sarah E (Buyers)

Emily and her partner Eric greatly surpassed my expectations in my experience working with them. They took the time to understand what I was looking for, responded quickly and knowledgeably, and were very patient answering my many questions. They walked me through the whole process of searching for a house in a calm and positive way, plus they were a lot of fun, which is important when you're spending so much time looking at houses together! They went above and beyond previewing properties for me, being available to show properties, and making the process as easy as possible. And now I'm living in a lovely house! I highly recommend them. Amy S (Buyer)

Emily Austin was the real-estate agent for my husband's and my purchase of a townhouse in West Seattle. It was a completely satisfying experience at every stage, from the initial search through the negotiation process through the closing. Emily answered all questions promptly and thoroughly (and I had a lot of questions, not being a native of Washington State's buying protocols). She understood what we needed and unfailingly supplied it at every turn. We are thrilled with our new home. I recommend Emily to anyone looking to buy in Seattle. Nancy K & Jack S (Buyers) 

Emily Austin was wonderful to work with she and Eric were very nice and welcoming individuals. They both were very knowledgeable in the real estate market in Burien where we bought our house. They responded right away and kept in the loop on what was happening in the process. I was very impressed by their service, responsiveness, and kindness! Loren & James R (Buyers)

As a first time home buyer, you can't have a more dedicated, caring and responsive team than Emily Austin and Eric Martin. They walked me through every step of the home buying process and spent hours driving me around to look at properties - taking extra care to listen to my needs and desires for the perfect home and narrowing down properties that fit for me. When it came time to negotiate a contract, they made sure I understood what was being put on the table and presented something that was both fair and as competitive as possible. Buying a home is stressful, but with Austin & Martin as your team, you'll feel you're getting the absolute best care to make it a memorable experience. I couldn't have found my perfect home without them! And it didn't stop after I bought my home - they always check up on me to see how I'm doing! Don't hesistate - you absolutely want Austin & Martin! Dena L (Buyer)

Austin and Martin were a delight to work with. They have vast knowledge of the area. I can’t even tell you how many houses they previewed for me when I was unavailable. Truly they made my buying experience a breeze. And again they are wonderful, caring people who want to help find your forever home. I would highly recommend going with this fabulous team. Traci S (Buyer)


‘Exceptional’ describes our experience with Emily Austin and Eric Martin. 

As our buying agents, Emily and Eric guided us through the nightmare that is Seattle’s competitive real estate market. First and foremost, they listened. Then, they dug, made themselves available, analyzed, assisted, supported, suggested, fine-tuned, and nuanced. They found us our home and successfully negotiated on our behalf, straight through the closing. 

As important, and beyond the myriad of technical skills they possess, they cared about us. By definition, the act of caring is defined as the provision of doing what is necessary for the health, welfare, maintenance, and protection of someone. 

We were so very fortunate, and quite thankful, to be in their safekeeping. Kassie and Jack H (Buyers)



"After working with Emily and Eric, I came to realize just how many different parts of the home-buying process that most of us never consider. Yes, the finding-the-house part was remarkably swift, and we found a great home, but it's everything before and after the find—assessing my desires and my comfort zone, sharing industry secrets as needed, walking me through the possible hazards up until closing, remaining in constant contact during the nail-biting moments, and even checking in several times *after* the deal was done—that made this experience truly joyful. I consider myself truly fortunate to have met and worked with them, and I give them my highest recommendation.” Mark Y (Buyer)

"You guys rock but we would really like more Frankie" Mark & Wendy W (Buyers)